Johnny’s `omilu

`Omilu (Caranx melampygus) 10.75 pounds

The `omilu (Caranx melampygus) is one of the premier gamefish of Hawaii, although is often overshadowed by its larger cousin, the giant trevally. It can be found in open water as well as in bays, lagoons, and shallow inshore reefs. A member of the jack family, commonly known as bluefin trevally, the `omilu are beautiful with their amazing electric blue fins and spots.

`Omilu are determined fighters and I’ve heard that they are one of the strongest pound for pound fish in the world. They will readily accepts both bait and lures, and their inshore habits make them a popular target for spear-fishermen also. In Hawaii the species has bag and size limit restrictions in place to prevent overexploitation. It is an excellent food fish.

This 10.75 pound `omilu was caught off the shore of Maui by Johnny, a local recreational fisherman.



Debra Lumpkins Studio | Maui, Hawaii