Kevin’s Ono

Ono (Acanthocybium solandri)
English Name: Wahoo

Title: Kevin's Ono
Size: 16 x 48
Medium: soy ink and watercolor on unryu paper

Ono inhabit coastal and offshore waters near the surface where they form small groups which feed upon small fish and squid. Extremely fast swimmers with strong jaws and razor-sharp teeth. The ono was said by ancient Hawaiians to be the “makua” of the mackeral, meaning a protective parent or relative. An excellent food fish with firm light flesh, the Hawaiian name ono means delicious.

This ono was caught by Kevin, a local Maui kayak fisherman. I first met Kevin at a local art event where we talked story and shared our love of Hawaiian fish. He took my business card and soon after, he called me and asked me to print this amazing ono for him. The first of many fish to come! I work quickly, keeping the fish cool and using non-toxic soy ink, so that the fish can be enjoyed in a meal shared with family and friends afterwards.

Using the direct printing technique on unryu paper made from mulberry.


Client and Fisherman: Kevin

Debra Lumpkins Studio | Maui, Hawaii