• Uhu Parrotfish gyotaku by Debra Lumpkins Studio


I am filled with wonder at the beauty and variety of Hawaii’s sealife. My fish rubbings are a celebration of that wonder and I hope they convey the reverence I feel as I work with the fish.

Fish rubbings, known as gyotaku, is a Japanese technique where ink is applied to the body of a fish, then paper or fabric is laid onto the fish and gently rubbed to receive the ink. The result is a strikingly accurate record of the subject, but without being too serious, allowing the opportunity for expression and happy surprises.

The subjects of my passion are caught by my spear-fishing husband and other local fisherman off Hawaii’s shores. I use non-toxic ink so that every fish caught may be enjoyed in a meal afterwards. My hope is that my work helps raise awareness and appreciation for Hawaii’s most magnificent and vulnerable resource.

Debra Lumpkins Studio | Maui, Hawaii