Debra Lumpkins Artist

Debra Lumpkins is a Maui-based artist. Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Debra moved to the Pacific Northwest to begin her career as an illustrator and graphic designer. While working several years as the senior creative director for an international manufacturing corporation, she studied scientific illustration, screen printing, and graphic arts and in 2004, she opened her own design studio. Over time, her love of art, history, and science gave way to the printmaking she now pursues as her primary focus.

Debra has studied with the following artists: Joel Ito, Jennifer J. Woodward, Jim Kelso, Catherine Schaper, Aubrey Hord and Richard (Dick) Nelson.

When Debra isn’t busy in the studio she volunteers in the local community and enjoys  exploring the islands with her husband.

Healthy reefs and abundant native fish populations is a top priority of Debra’s. Every month, a portion of the proceeds from sales are donated to community based, non-profit organizations that are dedicated to marine conservation. Debra supports the following organizations and encourages others to learn more about ocean conservation:

Debra is also a member of:


Debra Lumpkins Studio | Maui, Hawaii